Tuesday, 30 June 2009

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer in Action

Since I last wrote, I've been focused on some of SAP BusinessObject's latest technology that is certainly adjunct to BI Dashboards and directly relevant to Data Visualisation; SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (or just Explorer as I'll refer to it for brevity from now on) combines the simplicity and speed of search with the trust and analytical power of BI to provide immediate answers to business questions. Users employ familiar keyword searches to find information and explore directly on data.

It's true that SAP are bringing simplicity and ease-of-use to business users that
enable them to find relevant information and answers quickly and easily, but this isn't a search solution. Explorer goes further than simple search technology. The solution lets people to easily search for and retrieve information as a first step, and then intelligently explore that data.

With the ability to search and explore data, you could investigate a hunch, determine whether it's factual and chart the appropriate plan of action. Business users can also use visualisation features to turn that information into the appropriate chart – selecting the visualisation and format that best represents the information. The solution also lets people share findings and results with other
business users. They can export findings, send a link, and bookmark the results
of their data exploration.

To let all of you Dashboarders see this in action I put together a quick 10 minute video so you can see this fantastic technology in action. It's best viewed in full screen and in HD. And yes, this really is my voice as I demonstrate the technology!

I'd welcome thoughts and feedback on this and how relevant you feel it might be for those Dashboard consumers that you work so hard to serve with your efforts.

New at the time of writing is my personal twitter page http://twitter.com/varikt which although not BI Dashboard and Visualisation focused is a good way to find out what I'm up to day to day.

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